Friday, September 30, 2011

{My Boys}

Wednesday morning our power was out due to work in our neighbor hood for 2 hours. I was bored and needed something to do that didn't require electricity. These photos of my boys are a result of a few minutes of watching them and capturing their play. Yesterday, I posted a series of photos of our son Brayden putting a puzzle together... you can see that here if you missed that post.

This book really captured his attention for quite awhile...

Awwww... He looks like a little man reading... makes me think of a cute photo shoot idea of a little boy/ girl with glasses placed at the end of their nose reading a large book... wouldn't that be adorable???

"See my truck Mommy?!"

The next few pictures tell a story... the one below is of Rigan playing quietly with his toy...

Then Brayden comes along and takes it away... notice the scowling look on his face!

Then he decides the only way to get his toy back is to cry out for Mommy's help. I love his little scrunched up face... it's cute and sad at the same time!

"See my toy Mommy??"

This is what I got when I asked him to make a funny face! I just love his eyes in this photo, crystal clear, deep brown and round. And for you photographers out there who know the difference... no, they were not photoshoped!

And because he does EVERYTHING his older brother does... here's Rigan's funny face!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Telling a story...

Yesterday morning our power was out. As a stay-at-home-mom almost everything I do through out the day uses electricity! The obvious things are the TV and computer... but it's when the power is out for a length of time do you really realize how dependant our society is on electricity! Just about everything I thought about doing while we were without power... NEEDED electricity! I even thought about making a craft that I've been wanting to do... got out all the supplies and realized I needed the hot glue gun! So, instead I decided to get out the camera and play around. My two youngest boys were playing so nice and quietly by the window... they became my subjects. The impromptu session only lasted a few minutes but what I captured in that time was priceless (well to me, their mommy, it is)!

This story begins with a little boy who loves to put together puzzles...

He just sits quietly, contemplating and piecing one by one...

Getting more and more proud of himself as he places a piece correctly...

From every angle his mom photographs him. He pays no attention to her.

His 4 year old hands coordinating beautifully together...

Until the final piece is set in place...

He did it! He's so proud of himself! UNTIL....

His puzzle fell apart...

The look of disappointment and despair made his mothers heart sad for her son.

She suggested to him that by it falling apart it gave him the opportunity to put it together again!

He gladly went back to work at completing the puzzle for a 2nd time... and everyone lived happily ever after... especially once the power came back on!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The C Family ~ Part 2!

This is the 2nd half of the shoot I posted on Thursday of last week... click here if you missed that. As you will see in the photos below they were a super fun couple to photograph and sooooo obviously in love! "M" had taken her time thinking about what she wanted her pictures to look like and actually text messaged me with several of them for ideas. This worked out sooooo well because I knew the "look" she was going for and she knew what to do as far as posing and her husband "J" just enjoyed being close to his wife!

This was my 1st attempt at an in-camera lens flare... I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!!

The sunset was sooooo beautiful... this is by far my most favorite shot of the YEAR!

Aren't they just too cute together??

I love the expression on her face... shhhhhhh (he said something naughty)!!!

I love the softness of this one!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My nephew ~ Aaronn!

Little Aaronn was born with the bones in his forehead fused together, I know there's a long technical name for this but I cant remember what it was. At 7 months of age he underwent a huge surgery to have them taken apart. They had to cut from one ear across the top of his head to the other and pull the skin down over his skull! He was going to need at least 1 pint of blood and his mom wanted it to be from family since she nor her husband were a match. I felt very blessed to have been a match and so I donated and they used my blood during his surgery. I couldn't be there physically for his surgery but part of me was :) He holds a very special place in my heart... I just adore this little sweet heart!! That was 6 months prior to these pictures. It's amazing... you can't tell at all and the way the doctors did the incision his hair covers the scar completely!!

Now on to the pictures... Father's Day weekend we took a camping trip to Red Bud (just outside of Yosemite National Park) and camped along the Merced River. It was a great time with my husbands sister and her family! The kids enjoyed playing in the little pool our husbands made for the kids out of big rocks even though the water was FREEZING!!! I was taking pictures of the kids when little Aaronn decided to crawl right up to my camera! Seriously, he could have kissed it he was so close! These pictures are the result and I couldn't help but share!

Then he curled up in his mama's lap and gave me some of the cutest smiles!

Isn't he just A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.??

Ok, well maybe I'm just a little biased... but I just had to share... Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The C Family ~ Part 1

It's been W.A.Y. too long since I updated my blog! The last 2 months have been sooooo busy with the kids going back to school, BIRTHDAYS and just getting our lives back on a schedule. I get a lot more accomplished when I follow a schedule but the "extra" things (like this blog) get pushed aside... I don't like it! So I decided today I'm going to make more time to do these "extra" things because they are what I enjoy doing, encourage my hobby/ business and I'm proud of my talents and gifts and want to show them off :))

Here's a few pictures from the "C" Family session I did last month... they were sooooooo easy to photograph... they are just beautiful people and that reflects in their photos! We started with their family photos in an almond orchard about 5 miles out of town and then moved to an open field just a couple minutes down the road to get the couple shots... those I will post seperately...

I L.O.V.E. her smile in this one...

Check back tomorrow for "Part 2"!